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Fishing Guide on Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy comes with a lot of quests, adventures, and explorations as it involves an open-world feature that allows the players to have a dynamic flow of activities. Although there are a series of tasks that must be done in order, other activities are also available to let the players enjoy the scenery and their leisure inside the game.

One of the activities that players can freely try is fishing. As expected from the game, similar to other games, fishing is one of the most relaxing things you can do inside the game. In fact, there is a total of 49 fish types that you can encounter.

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How to Start Fishing

Upon booting the game, go to the Casual section found on the main menu. There, choose the Fishing banner to start the leisure activity.

However, before you can start casting the line for a random fish, you must first purchase the No Luck rod and the Crude Bait that you can see in the shop. However, make sure to spend wisely when it comes to the Crude Bait as you are limited to 350 pieces per day.

Once you are all set, look for any bodies of water that you can see around. Some map locations that you might consider are Vera, Artificial Land, Asperia, and the Confounding Abyss. If you see a portion of the water with a sparkling circle figure, this is an indication that the area is a good spot for fishing.

After you have thrown the line and a fish bit onto your bait, a bar will appear at the top of your screen. There, you can see a white and an orange bar. Your goal is to keep the small, white bar inside the orange one until the fish uses all of its endurance.

Uses of Fish in Tower of Fantasy

If you successfully caught enough fish for the day, you can choose whether to keep or sell them.

For the first option, you can go all the way to Mirroria and transfer all the fish to the aquarium. However, it is important to remember that only fresh fish are capable of transferring to the aquarium. Fresh fish are those that you have caught on the same day. You can check these things in your backpack; there are categories for fresh, spoiled, and rotten fish.

Another thing you can do with all the fish is to sell them in order to receive a Fisherman Token. This currency can be used in the Fishing Store to buy different items you can use in fishing such as higher quality baits, rods, and even upgrade materials.

Aside from that, another good reason for you to do this activity is to complete the Fish Gallery.

Once you catch a type of fish for the first time, this is automatically recorded in the Fish Gallery and will unlock the fish. This grants the player a particular amount of Dark Crystal which varies depending on the rarity of the fish caught.

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