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Winchester personal injury claims: Signs that you need legal help

by James William

Whether you are injured in a truck accident in Winchester or have a medical malpractice lawsuit, you must be proactive and take swift action to gather evidence and details. Virginia laws, like in other states, require the claimant to prove the fault of the party allegedly responsible for their injuries. In this post, we discuss the signs that you need help from a Winchester personal injury law firm.

You don’t know what the claim is worth

Evaluating your damages and determining the value of your injury claim can be confusing. For someone who has never been in a similar situation, the laws can be hard to understand. An attorney is your best resource for getting an assessment, and fortunately, most law firms in the city don’t charge anything for the first meeting or consultation session.

You need help with the investigation

Some accidents and mishaps are complicated to investigate, although the eventual goal is to find relevant information. Because injury lawyers work with experts and professionals for many cases, they already have contacts and resources to initiate the process. For instance, where there is no clearness about the parties to your semi-truck crash claim, your attorney can hire accident reconstruction services to get more details.

You are struggling with negotiation

When there is insurance involved, and you have to deal with a claims adjuster, it makes sense to get an attorney to represent your case. Lawyers are great at negotiations and will spot the tactics that the insurance team is likely to use to reduce the payout. Do not give a recorded statement to the claims adjuster, and avoid saying anything that can impact your case.

You have to go to court

If you wish to sue the other party in court, you must adhere to the statute of limitations in Virginia and file a lawsuit within two years of the accident. Your lawyer will keep a tab on deadlines and work on presenting evidence and witness statements in an effective and accurate manner to get the best possible outcome. Trials are expensive, but when that is the only option, you shouldn’t try to represent yourself.

Lastly, let an attorney be your advocate if you have sustained catastrophic and life-altering injuries. Your final compensation is likely to be much more than typical cases, and you may settle for a smaller amount without a lawyer. Attorneys take injury lawsuits on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to bother about hourly rates.


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