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A Review Of The Crypto Affiliate Network CryptoGrab

by James William

CryptoGrab is a powerful platform for strategic affiliate marketing in the cryptocurrency industry. It boasts a variety of tools and features, including an 80% payout and unparalleled terms and conditions. Its automatic operation system simplifies everything from domain setup to payouts and landing page downloads. Despite being linked to phishing scams, CryptoGrab is unabashedly advertising its wallet drainer software, boasting of its theft capabilities. A review of its contract addresses reveals how it launders stolen assets.

Strategic Affiliate Marketing

Designed with affiliate marketers in mind, CryptoGrab offers an array of tools and resources to support your campaign. Using artificial intelligence for process automation, the platform streamlines your work and frees you up to focus on strategy. The platform’s integration of EV SSL certificates further increases credibility and trustworthiness, reinforcing security. It also helps boost conversion rates and improve overall performance.

The developer behind phishing software Nova Drainer, which has been implicated in over $300 million worth of cryptocurrency theft, has registered as a company in the United Kingdom. Known as Crypto Grab Limited, the registration prompts concerns from security experts due to its limited verification by UK’s Companies House and evidence of phishing activities uncovered by blockchain security firm CertiK. Moreover, CryptoGrab openly markets its wallet drainer capabilities.

Innovative Technology

In the volatile cryptocurrency industry, it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve to maximize your earning potential. CryptoGrab, a leading automated affiliate platform in the crypto space, delivers a suite of tools to help you strategically engage with the sector. Established in 2018, CryptoGrab is committed to reshaping the affiliate marketing landscape with a fusion of technology and creativity. Powered by AI, its automated solutions minimize downtime and facilitate seamless interaction between offers and arbitrators.

The platform’s commitment to user experience is exemplified through its extensive offering of features. With a functional drainer, free cloaking and hosting, and more than 400 bot designs, the platform provides advanced tools and resources to drive success in the crypto affiliate network space. From payment processing to automatic downloads, CryptoGrab’s transparent system ensures a smooth and efficient experience.

80% Payouts

CryptoGrab has made a name for itself by equipping users with the tools needed for success in the crypto marketing arena. Its comprehensive suite of tools is powered by advanced automation and anti-ban measures, positioning it as a dependable partner in the volatile cryptocurrency world. Nova Drainer, a phishing software that steals cryptocurrencies from victims’ wallets, has claimed to have stolen over $300 million in the past year. Despite being illegal in many countries, Nova Drainer has been able to operate by registering its company in the UK.

The platform’s 80% payout policy until January 1st highlights its commitment to rewarding users generously. Its functional drainer also redefines versatility, boasting 12 modal window types and compatibility with over 400 wallet connections across 41 networks.

Advanced DDoS Protection

The crypto world has witnessed the rise of groundbreaking tools and technologies that have reshaped the way transactions are conducted. This trend has culminated in the creation of CryptoGrab, a private product that offers unique and unparalleled solutions. Among its most notable features, CryptoGrab provides advanced DDoS protection that safeguards users from cyber attacks and ensures uninterrupted service. It also supports 80% payouts, further strengthening its reliability.

The company operates under the name Crypto Grab Limited and claims to be a legitimate business. Its website includes a scan of its Companies House registration, which verifies its legitimacy as an incorporated company. Moreover, it has acquired an EV SSL certificate from DigiCert to enhance user security and boost trustworthiness. This demonstrates that the platform is committed to addressing security issues in the crypto ecosystem.


The game-changing platform offers a comprehensive suite of automated solutions to maximize affiliate earnings. These include DDoS protection, automatic site cloning, and advanced anti-ban measures. CryptoGrab also combines a drainer and CEX exchange, enhancing user security and trustworthiness. The developer behind phishing software that steals cryptocurrency assets has registered in the UK, prompting regulatory scrutiny. Known as wallet crypto drainer, such attacks have facilitated more than $300 million in theft this year alone. In a recent blog post, Crypto Grab Limited announced it had registered with Companies House to appear legitimate.

However, the registration has not passed scrutiny due to a lack of verification by Companies House and evidence of phishing operations uncovered by blockchain security company CertiK. Moreover, the company’s marketing strategy openly markets the nefarious capabilities of its Nova Drainer software.


In the competitive world of crypto affiliate networks, CryptoGrab stands out for its dedication to automation and security. Its drainer and CEX Exchange & DEX Exchange features deliver ultimate versatility. The developers behind the infamous Nova wallet drainer claim that registering with Companies House lends their business legitimacy, and helps them acquire Extended Validation (EV SSL) certificates. However, analysis of the wallet drainer’s contract addresses reveals that it takes 30% of stolen funds as a fee for its services.

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