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About Dark Web Sites

by James William

Although the dark web is often associated with illegal activities, there are many legitimate services. These include private and encrypted email services, instructions for installing an anonymous operating system, and advanced tips for privacy protection. Other notable dark web sites are Riseup, a volunteer-operated email provider for activists; SecureDrop, a platform for journalists to connect with their anonymous sources; and ZeroBin, an encrypted text messaging service.

Activists And Journalists

Many people associate the dark web with illegal activities, but it also hosts a variety of useful sites for political activists and journalists. These include Daniel, a dark web link directory that organizes onion links into categories, ProPublica, an investigative journalism site, and Sci-Hub, which allows users to access scholarly articles and research papers on a wide range of topics. Other helpful sites include Hidden Answers, a forum-meets-news platform, and SearX, a search engine in the dark that can handle incredibly detailed queries.

The shady side of the Dark Web Sites includes marketplaces where you can buy everything from recreational and prescription drugs to stolen credit cards and IDs. Some of these sites even offer professional hitman services. However, the dark web can also be a useful tool for those who want to evade government censorship. In fact, even Facebook has a dark web version to help people in repressive countries access its services. The New York Times has a dark web portal, as well, which is accessible via the Tor browser.


Many of the websites on the dark web are devoted to illegal goods and services. Typical items include weapons, recreational drugs and stolen personal information. These sites are often referred to as marketplaces and provide buyers and sellers with a unified platform. Unlike e-commerce sites on the surface web, these marketplaces operate with complete anonymity. As a result, it’s difficult to trust that a seller is legitimate or even in business. Even some sellers with a long track record have disappeared with their customers’ escrow money.

Most of these marketplaces accept payments in Bitcoin, which is nearly impossible to trace because of its cryptographic design. For this reason, users must take extra precautions when shopping on the dark web. For example, they should only use a secure browser such as Tor that will protect their privacy and security. Moreover, they should always scan downloaded files for malware. This way, they can avoid losing their personal information or even getting infected with ransomware.

Online Shops

Despite its reputation as a haven for illegal activities, the Dark Web is also home to a wide variety of useful resources. The Daniel site offers a list of over 7,000 onion links, categorized for easier browsing, and it also features a status check to let users know whether a particular website is currently up and running. Other sites, like ProPublica, publish thought-provoking articles and investigative reports on a range of topics. Similarly, Sci-Hub allows people to access a large library of scientific papers and research. Facebook even has a dark web portal that allows its readers to communicate anonymously, especially those living in countries with government censorship.

If you’re planning to explore the Dark Web, consider using a VPN to keep your identity safe. NordVPN is one of the top-rated providers with servers in locations that don’t retain data, so you can surf the web without fear of surveillance or hacking. You should also avoid sites that require JavaScript or other scripts, as this can open up your computer to malware infections.


While the surface web represents most of what we see on the Internet, millions more pages and databases exist in the dark web, only accessible via a special browser like Tor. These sites are used for both legal and illicit activities. For instance, there are a number of websites that offer hacking services and help for users who have been hacked. There are also pedophile sites, sites that sell illegal drugs and more.

If you want to protect your identity, a good place to start is with a VPN service that monitors the dark web and notifies you when it detects your personal data being sold or leaked. Then Aura can work with you to develop a plan that includes changing your passwords and ensuring any stolen information is removed from the internet for good.

Last Word

The dark web is known for illegal content and activity. But it also hosts useful activities. Many websites on the dark web rely on Tor to provide anonymity. These include forums, chat rooms, file and image hosting and online marketplaces.

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