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How to Get More Work When Self-Employed

by James William

Whether you are first starting out in the world of being self-employed or you have been involved in it for a while and simply want to seek out new opportunities, there are all sorts of means and methods available to seek out more work. This way, you can make the most of the opportunities that are available to you and make the type of money that you are wanting to. With this in mind, here are a few of the top ways to get more work when self-employed.

Look in the Right Places

First and foremost, there is simply no point in looking for work in places where it isn’t easy to find. While many self-employed sites can help out, if you pick ones that are too competitive or don’t offer the type of work you want and need the most, this can prove to be a major problem. For example, if you are looking for shipping work, you should use a specific site focused on your field, not a general job site, you can try it now to see how they might help you. The same goes if you are seeking out copywriting, design, or any other type of work that you may want – finding a site dedicated to your field will be more productive.

Set Up an Email and Social Media Accounts

The most obvious way that people will be able to seek out your services is still going to be via email, and this is such an easy area to start in. You can set it up entirely for free too. The same goes for setting up social media accounts. Of course, you may need to be selective and only use the platforms that are appropriate to your industry and the ones that you will be able to manage properly.

Create Your Own Website

Having a website of your own can prove to be another invaluable way of ensuring that people can seek you out successfully. Whether this is going to have all the bells and whistles or it is simply going to be restricted to a simple portfolio is entirely down to you. Ultimately, it provides yet another platform where people can come to you rather than the other way around of you having to seek out opportunities constantly.

Generate Good Word-of-Mouth

Your next main area of success is going to come from the word-of-mouth marketing that you can generate. Ultimately, this means having a series of satisfied clients who are more than happy to recommend your services to friends, family members, colleagues and business partners. You can also display any positive testimonials you receive on your site. Word of mouth gets you repeat business as well as spreading your reputation – so it’s always worth taking the time to encourage it.

All of these are among the different ways that you will be able to get more work when you are self-employed. Ultimately, they are all more than worth taking into account and can have a big overall impact on what you are doing as a whole.

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