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Mahjong Ways – A Simple Guide To Playing The Slot Mahjong Game

by James William

Mahjong is an ancient game with a complex rules set. It requires a combination of strategy, skill, and luck. This simple guide will help you learn how to play mahjong like a pro. When playing mahjong, it is important to keep your melds concealed until you are ready to declare a win. This will earn you more points than revealing them.

Game Rules

Mahjong Ways is a new slot game with a fresh twist on the popular Chinese theme. It features a unique game board with 16 tiles instead of 14. It also includes special dragons, flowers and seasons that can double your points if you form specific patterns. Other changes include a replenishing Dead Wall and a different way to score a hand.

In mahjong, a hand is scored according to a set of criteria, including particular melds or other tiles held, and how the (winning) hand was completed. The results are translated into a total score for each player, which can be directly converted to money paid between players.

It is important to have a plan for your tile use, but you must be flexible to change your strategy when necessary. This is especially true if you play against quick players. The Charleston ritual is a key part of mahjong, and it allows players to pass unwanted tiles face down to the player to their right.


Mahjong is played with 144 tiles, and each symbol depicts something from Chinese history or culture. Some symbols are more valuable than others, and understanding how to use them in a meld sequence is essential to winning. Some of these symbols can also be used as wilds to fill in gaps in a hand.

The game is played on a six-reel, five-row gaming grid and uses scatter wins to pay out. Whenever at least eight identical symbols appear in a cluster on an activated reel, they become winning symbols and payouts are made according to the paytable.

The lower-value tile symbols have red, green, and blue inscriptions that denote the various Dot, Bamboo, and Dragon groups. Some of these are worth ten, fifteen, or even 100x the per-line stake when they land on three, four, or five of a kind across an active line. Others are worth fewer prizes but are still worth playing for.


Mahjong is often played in a gambling setting, where players pay each other cash for winning hands. Alternatively, chips may be used to keep score. Points are calculated using a mathematical translation function that is typically exponential and multiplies the basic point score by 2.

Melds in mahjong are groups of tiles that can be collected together to form a poker or gin rummy hand. Each type of meld is worth a different number of points. The more melds you collect, the faster you can declare mahjong before your opponents.

Pragmatic Play has released several slot mahjong, including Mahjong X and Sweet Bonanza. It also has a unique variant called Rujak Bonanza, which is designed for Indonesian markets. Another option is KA Gaming’s Mahjong Ways slot, which features 50 paylines and a Multiplier trail that increases on each win and Cascade. In addition, this game has a Golden Symbol that can appear on any reel and turn Wild.


Mahjong is a game of strategy that requires skill and good judgement. You must be able to pattern-match to determine the best tile for each situation. You also need to understand how to discard tiles and melds to win, or lose. You can practice by playing with a mahjong bot on a website. It’s worth the time to learn this game because it can be very addictive! The Asian popular table game mahjong is a natural fit for slot machines. Pragmatic Play has already released a few games that combine mahjong and slots, including Sweet Bonanza, Mahjong X and Rujak Bonanza.

Mahjong is played by four players and involves a game of 144 tiles. The object of the game is to arrange a winning set of four tiles in one of the three categories of hands: a pair, a kwan or a four of a kind. There are many variations of mahjong, each with its own rules and scoring system.

The Bottom Lines

Mahjong is a tile-based game with 144 tiles and special honor tiles (directions, dragons, flowers) that add additional points to winning hands. There are also payout and point accrual rules for players playing for money or in competitions. A winning mahjong hand consists of four sets and one pair. Sets can be Pungs, Runs or Chows.

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