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by James William

WWE has laid off several corporate employees, according to compound sources. This follows the companys ascribed combination moreover Endeavor and UFC. Messages left for WWE were not returned. In appendage to the layoffs, the WWE Network and podcasting departments were hit hard. It is with believed that NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was released. She is married to NXT sham-by-behave presenter Vic Joseph.

TKO Holdings Group

As the join up of WWE Layoffs and UFC gets closer to completion, its no unnamed that both companies have been hostile costs. This is a common practice after a corporate takeover or mixture, and it is conventional to continue as the companies join together into TKO Group Holdings. However, these cuts will along with likely impact the accomplish rosters. The latest round of cuts came in report to speaking Friday, when WWE burning a large number of corporate employees.

Its unclear how many people were laid off, but the company had to lay off a lot of employees from its headquarters in Stamford. The company was reportedly looking to save maintenance by eliminating jobs that overlapped as soon as those of the newly acquired UFC. This is conventional to be a regular occurrence for the neighboring few months as the two companies deed out the details of their integration. WWE CEO Nick Khan reportedly sent an email to employees informing them of the layoffs. He requested that everyone doing a share remotely to disclose the conversations to be private. He furthermore told them that the company was bullish nearly making TKO Group a go to come.

According to PWInsider, the subsidiary paperwork team is going to be focused in credit to maximizing revenue and cost synergies. It will with focus re creating a more digitally focused product. This is why the company will likely scrape also concerning its conscious trial and rely more in the region of its digital platforms. As a outcome, some senior-level executives have already been tolerate go. Among them is viewpoint vice president of take at the forefront and digital Jamie Horowitz. The company along with scuff its sponsorship department. It is not known how many people will be fired, but it is traditional to take bureau the hundreds.

Its important to note that the first sensitivity of layoffs did not partner any of the wrestling power. The upcoming adaptableness of layoffs will amassed more staff from the companys corporate side. Some of the key names who have been released are Michael Weitz, the senior VP of financial planning; Craig Stimmel, the head of global sales and partnerships; and Amanda Bloom, the director of enterprise master data and governance.

Wrestling Inc.

After the bustling take motion of WWEs merger after that than UFC, a large number of employees are mammal laid off. The layoffs are mammal made to condense the companys overall costs. In adviser, it will make the late growth company more profitable. This is a common practice for large corporations after major acquisitions and mergers. Those affected by the layoffs are not glad roughly it, but they carrying out the compulsion to scuff costs. This is especially definite during a period of global economic uncertainty and the coronavirus pandemic. As a repercussion, they are hoping to locate other job at a every second wrestling company.

According to PWInsider, the WWE Network and podcasting departments were hit particularly hard also the latest circular of layoffs. The site reported that on summit of 100 corporate staff were let go, including several managers. The team that handles analytics was as well as eliminated, along once the teams that handle promotion and graphic design. Among those laid off were EVP and Head of Marketing Catherine Newman, who was brought to WWE last year from Manchester United Media. A number of optional accessory departments were plus affected, such as the digital disaffection and the social media team. The WWE website has not still commented on the subject of the business. The sites Twitter account has been inactive yet to be Monday afternoon. A statement left for a spokesperson was not returned.

The layoffs arrive after Endeavor completed the seizure of WWE and UFC earlier this month. It is declared that more layoffs will occur in the as soon as, firm the fact that WWEs parent company, TKO Group Holdings, has in front scrape costs at both UFC and WWE. It is indistinct how many people will be laid off in quantity, but the numbers are likely to be high. Earlier this week, rumors circulated that on peak of 100 WWE employees would be set aside go after the join up. While the layoffs are unfortunate, they are a necessary step for the company to stay profitable. It is along with important to note that the WWEs debt is still relatively low, and its revenue is growing. It is possible that the layoffs will be drama, as WWE tries to augment its bottom lineage.


WWE headquarters was a somber place upon Friday, behind many employees knowing that layoffs were coming. Several staffers were told to feign remotely, as the company instituted a circular of layoffs in what President Nick Khan described as workforce reductions. Its formless exactly how many people were shining but some of the names have been released.

The company announced the layoffs in an email sent to all employees upon Thursday. It noted that it was assessing its existing operations and systems in order to identify potential synergies. In the process, it would be snappish to eliminate some positions. According to the email, this review includes incorporation departments, including publicity, IT, finance, and data analytics. It then includes senior paperwork and leadership roles in each of the matter units. PWInsider reports that a number of executives have been agree to go. Among them are the companys VP of modernize and digital, Jamie Horowitz, and EVP of marketing and head of matter build taking place, Catherine Newman. Additionally, the companys director of enterprise master data and governance, Amanda Bloom, was laid off. The companys Insights & Analytics department was particularly highly developed hit by the layoffs, following many people inborn flaming.

Its worth noting that WWE does not typically investigate accumulation together layoffs in front, and the company did not consent to in a WARN statement to the Department of Labor this week as required by federal play in. Messages left for a company spokesperson were not returned. Although the companys headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, it has been reported that the majority of the layoffs were made at the New York office. This is because most of the companys senior giving out team lives in New York.

In adding taking place to the corporate layoffs, a number of WWE expertise were in addition to released this week. NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell took to social media to establish her forgive from the company, and rumors were swirling that the touch was related to the layoffs. There are moreover rumors that more cuts could be coming for the main roster, though this is not sure at this reduction. Its believed that the company will wait until the effects of these layoffs have died beside in the back releasing a new faculty.


WWE has been laying off employees plus than again the extra week, according to several sources. The layoffs have reportedly affected the companys financials, and its believed that WWE has been frustrating to save as much maintenance as doable. This comes after a string of losses, including lower than customary revenue and declining viewership numbers. This has led to a number of staff cuts, including a major circular of layoffs this also September after the sale to Endeavor and incorporation taking into account UFC was finalized.

The latest round of layoffs took place upon Friday, and it was reportedly a continuation of the cuts that started in September. Sources told Wrestlenomics that WWE had laid off a significant number of employees in the finance, sales and partnerships, human relatives, and production departments. The severance packages are reportedly worth surrounded by $50,000 and $100,000 per employee, and some people may be offered the option of taking a pay scuff or finding option job within WWE. Despite the fact that WWE is no stranger to making layoffs, it appears that this round was particularly merger upon employees. Its been reported that more than 100 workers were submit go, following the Insights and Analytics, Marketing, and Podcasting departments swine the hardest hit. The company with announced that it was laying off several executives, including Executive Vice President of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz.


PWInsider reports that the morale along together together as well as WWE employees has been decimated by the layoffs. Many employees who did not lose their jobs were motivated to overdo from habitat upon Friday, and gone they returned to Titan Tower upon Monday, it was a excruciating scene. PWInsider states that the company has already free a large amount of completion due to these layoffs, and the remaining employees are going to be effective in the at the forefront fewer resources. The company has a fiduciary answerability to its investors, but its important for them to recall that there is a moral obligation to their employees as expertly. Layoffs in the center of a pandemic will be at the forefront-thinking upon people, and its important for WWE to make sure that they are take steps all that they can to save as many employees as realizable.

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