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Rent a kimono at Kyoto City when visiting

by James William

Kimono rental is a great way to experience Kyoto in style. It is especially fun for couples, but groups can also enjoy it. Just be sure to book a reservation in advance.

Kawagoe is often referred to as Little Edo, and it has a very different feel than Tokyo. It is a beautiful place to visit for a day trip from Tokyo.


Kimono rentals are a great way to add an exciting touch to Kyoto sightseeing. You can choose from a variety of kimonos in different colors and patterns to suit your preferences. There are also matching accessories to complement your outfit, including obi and hakama (trouser skirt). If you’re unsure what to wear, consult with the friendly staff at the kimono rental shop.

The best thing about renting a kimono in Kyoto is that it’s not only affordable, but it also offers an unforgettable experience. There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto that offer packages for both singles and couples. Some of these shops even have a hairdresser on site for convenience.

Rikawafuku Arashiyama is a kimono specialty store that’s conveniently located just four minutes from Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the bus stop. Its easy plan costs 5,000 yen and includes everything you need to dress and accessorize yourself. It even covers damage insurance, so you can worry less about accidentally breaking your new kimono! You can also rent a furisode kimono and have your hair professionally styled.


A trip to Kyoto isn’t complete without a stroll around its many historical landmarks wearing a beautiful kimono. Luckily, several shops that offer rental kimonos for both men and women are available in the city. Some of these include Yumeyakata, which offers various plans starting at 3,600 yen (tax excluded). The store has a variety of kimonos to choose from and also provides accessories and hairstyling.

Another kimono rental Kyoto is Rikawafuku Kiyomizu, which is only four minutes away from the UNESCO-recognized Kiyomizu Temple. The shop has a wide selection of kimonos to suit a variety of tastes, from classic and elegant to playful and modern. The staff also specializes in Japanese accessories, including bags and sandals, which make it easy to coordinate your kimono.

Another popular kimono rental shop is Kimono Company. Its English and Chinese-speaking staff are available to help you with your reservation and fitting. The shop has a number of different plans to choose from, and all of them include a kimono, accessories, and hair styling (for women). It also offers photo plans that allow you to explore Kyoto’s best sites in traditional attire.


There’s nothing like a stroll through Kyoto streets dressed in a beautiful kimono. The experience gives you a deeper appreciation of Japanese culture, and sightseeing takes on an entirely new dimension. Plus, it’s a great way to make memorable pictures!

Kimono Rose offers a wide range of kimonos and yukata for all ages. Its staff is experienced in fitting kimonos and can offer suggestions for completing your look. Mimosa is the most recommended shop in Kyoto and the store also offers a variety of accessories, including hairpins and bags. In addition, the store’s convenient location near Kyoto Station means that it is easy to reach from Kansai International Airport.

Several kimono rental shops in Kyoto accept reservations online, making it easier to plan your trip. However, it’s important to make reservations ahead of time because the process can take up to 1 hour or more. In addition, many places require a security deposit in case of damage or theft. This is usually refundable, but it may be more expensive for tall or wide people. Additionally, some shops ask that you leave your original clothes at the shop for safety reasons.


One of the more affordable kimono rental shops in Kyoto, Kimono Miyabi is located near world-renowned shrines and temples such as Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Its standard kimono rental package includes the kimono, undershirt, obi belt, sandals and socks. It also offers professional hair-styling decorated with a ribbon.

If you want to take your experience to the next level, try a matcha tea ceremony at this kimono rental shop. The price of the experience is included in the rental price, and it is a great way to get a taste of Japan’s ancient culture.

A wide range of kimono styles are available at this Kyoto-based store, which is only a four-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple. Its staff can speak Chinese and English, and a variety of plans are available. Some include the option of returning your kimono by hotel or convenience store courier service for an additional 500 yen. Some even offer damage insurance, which is useful for first-time kimono wearers who might be worried about damaging the fabric. This allows you to spend more time exploring Kyoto’s famous sights without worrying about your clothing.


Unlike most kimono rental stores, Rikawafuku Kiyomizu offers a range of different sizes for men and women. It also has 300 unique kimono to choose from, including antique kimonos with modern designs and handmade accessories. The shop can help you create the perfect look before your sightseeing tour of Kyoto. It also offers a wide selection of bags and sandals to match your kimono. You can even get your hair done before going on your sightseeing tour.

Located in the Kyoto district, Kimono offers a range of kimono packages that include photo shoots and rickshaw tours. Prices start at 3,080 yen, and you can also rent additional accessories to complete your look. They offer a standard kimono plan, as well as a high-grade kimono and a variety of obis. They have English-speaking staff and can help you find the perfect kimono for your body type.

This kimono rental shop is a short walk from famous temples and shrines, like Kodaiji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, and Gion. Its package deals are incredibly affordable and include kimono rentals, obi, tabi, and a bag. They also offer damage insurance, which is an excellent option for travelers who are apprehensive about damaging their kimono.

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